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1. Cut the roll bag as you want (6cm longer than the content)
2. Run the machine and see if the green light is on.
3. Lift up the cover, put the edge of plastic bags evenly in front of the
heating line then close the cover.
4. Lock the both side of hooks and keep pushing the ON button for 1.5 second.
You can see the red lamp when it is working.
5. When it stars, push the cover with two hands.
6. When done, the light changes to green from red.
Unlock the hook and you have it sealed. Half-Vacuum Sealing(Auto Vacuum)
1. Run the machine and check the green lamp.
2. Lift the cover up.
3. Place the edge of plastic bags in front of the lower packing.
* Do not use too much in one use.
* Keep 3/4 of contents.
4. Close the cover, unlock the hooks and double push the ON button.
5. Green lamp is on and the air inside goes out.
*Press off button if you want to stop.
6. When green lamp becomes red, sealing process is automatically starting.
7. When everything is done, red lamp becomes green.

Magnet function
Easy to use
Keeps the food fresh with vacuum sealing
Fashionable design
Mini Portable type, can use it anywhere

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