High Wall Solar LED Light

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1. During the day, the system automatically charges, the light is turned off, and the sun light automatically charges the battery. At night, the system automatically lights up and the lights work. When installing at the beginning, use the accessories in the accessory kit to mount the fixture to a sunlit wall or other suitable location.

2. When installing for the first time, please press and hold the switch on the back of the product to start the machine. When the machine is turned on, cover the solar panel. Press the switch for 3 seconds, the light is on, and the product automatically enters the first working mode.

3. The specific working mode is as follows:
A. The product is turned on into the first working mode, and the person is highlighted, and the person turns into a slightly bright state.
B. Press the switch again, the product enters the second working mode, the person comes to strong, and the light goes out after the person leaves for 20 seconds.
C. Press the switch again, the product enters the third working mode, that is, the constant light mode.
D. Press the switch again, the product enters the shutdown state.

4. The weather can be fully charged in 68 hours in sunny weather. The human body is very sensitive. When someone or something is active in the sensing area, the light is always bright. When the person leaves the sensing area, the product automatically enters the power saving mode.

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